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04 July 2005 @ 01:32 am
About the Game  
Snapebits is an adults only Harry Potter Role Playing Game played out on livejournal. All roleplaying will take place in the main game journal; snapebits_rpg; while all ooc conversations will take place in the ooc journal; snapebits_occ. All game play in the roleplaying journal will be in third person (like most novels) and will occur in threads (like a play by e-mail game; if you need to see an example, please let me know and I can invite you to a private Harry Potter RPG on Yahoo! Groups). Character journals are where the characters post their thoughts and feelings, homework assignments (should the teachers give any), any owl messages or notes back and forth to other characters. In ALL the journals please remember to not use net speak. These journals and such are not on computers in the game but are enchanted journals. Character journals may be written in either first or third person; and can also contain private RP's between characters.

In order to participate in this game you must have a character journal for each character that you play (or one journal devoted ONLY to your characters of this game and than you must sign your posts or use icons so we know who you are posting as). Should you choose to join and are accepted, an invite will be sent to your character journal. *NOTE* You may apply and be accepted before creating your character journal but please provide us with a character journal as soon as possible after acceptence. Chat programs are not needed for this game.

The game is set five years after Harry and those of his year graduated. The focus of this game is not on Harry; though he is a character that can be played; but on Severus Snape and other adults in the Potter fandom. The game will focus on different areas of the world; IE Hogwarts while at the same time Hogsmeade or wherever else in the world an event is occuring. Your character does NOT have to be at Hogwarts at all but can live in London or Philadelphia and play out their part there. This game goes A.U. after book four. The events that occured in book five, six or seven will not be canon in this game.

Voldemort returned to his power in the same manner as in book four. Instead of the war occuring; Voldemort has decided to bide his time, build his strength and forces before attacking those that are against him. As the years go on, Voldemort finds more and more supporters, but so does the Order. As one year turns into seven, Voldemort knows he must find a way to gain the power that he so desires and so he sets out to find the Dark Scrolls. These ledgendary scrolls date back to the early 1600's. The five scrolls are said to hold great powers and will bring these powers to the person who has possesion of all five. Alone the scrolls are useless, together in the wrong hands could mean the end of Good. Hidden by the five Wizards that created them, the Seeker of the scrolls must solve riddles and clues to find the location of these scrolls; hidden long ago in all corners of the world. As Voldemort and his followers search, so does the members of the Order. Who will find them first? Will good triumph over evil or has evil's day come to rule the world? It's anyone's game.

Snapebits RPG was created in 2001 as a Harry Potter PBEM group on Yahoo Groups. Closing in mid-2002, the game underwent major changes and re-writes before reemerging in fall of 2004 briefly. It has undergone some more changes and is reemerging here on livejournal.